Job. Career. Vocation

No matter what you call it, the average person will spend 90,000 hours of their lives doing it. Chose to make it meaningful.

A Call To Action -

Looking for your next opportunity is hard work. There can be a lot of emotion wrapped up in the process. Whether your ‘call to action’ was intentional (a personal goal to move into a new role, organization, or level-up responsibility) or the call was unexpected and thrust upon you, it’s an opportunity to stretch, take inventory, and intentionally move toward want you want to create.

The 90,000 hours mentioned above adds up to be around 30% of our lives. That’s a lot of time doing something or heading on a path that is less than fulfilling.

In broad terms, knowing what you’re moving toward and why is foundational in how to engage with the process of landing your next opportunity. Clarity in answering those questions gives focus to the process and informs what to say yes to or no to.

My approach is two fold -

First, we’ll lay out a three stage plan that takes into consideration your circumstances and the practical elements of job search. We’ll address resume, social media, networking, and targeting organizations for value alignment, to name a few.

Second, we’ll underpin the practical elements with a data driven Harrison Assessment to identify personal drivers, life themes, and competencies. To identify personal fulfillment and aspirational goals I’ll use a bank of proprietary reflective questions and Socratic method coaching approach.

With this information in hand we’ll craft a plan and how to move forward.

Are you ready to get started? Or have a few questions?

Reach out…I’m happy to schedule time for us to get acquainted, discuss the process, or get things going!