The i360 Program Guides


Leslie Anderson, M.S.O.D.

Leslie is an C-Suite coach who offers a hybrid approach to working with her clients. She is a soul evolutionist, practical application and executive coach all rolled up into one. “I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience and, while we’re having this human incarnation some things beg to be accomplished while we’re here on Earth. This often includes meeting our obligations, living from joy, and getting along with other people. This is where I come in; asking the tough questions that enrich a soul.”


Tom Anderson

Tom is a trained wilderness quest guide who has been designing and facilitating nature-based personal growth experiences for over a decade. When he’s not guiding others in nature, Tom is the Managing Director of an affordable housing development company. Recognized as a stabilizing yet motivational force in startup, turnaround, and growth initiatives within both for-profit and nonprofit environment, Tom has a natural ability to make sense out of chaos and bring synergy to teams and an organization’s realization of purpose and vision.

Tom is a published author and thought leader with a passion for inspiring professionals and teams to realize goals and attain new levels of performance.