Self-reflection is necessary.

Personal and interpersonal awareness is essential to effective leadership.

It’s in the data.

“The highest performing managers have significantly more social and emotional intelligence”

(Cavallo, 2006)

An effective leader knows how drive results through the team by encouraging mastery, allowing autonomy and inspiring relevancy back to the larger picture; this leader is self-aware and knows how to relate and communicate with others so the message is received and acted upon.
— Unknown

Poor leadership can have destructive effects.

  • Employee turnover, disharmony, triangulation, and lack of trust.

  • A poor reputation that impacts talent acquisition efforts.

  • Stifled innovation, limited creativity, and low employee engagement.

  • A stalled internal talent pipeline. 

Coaching is a proven method designed to increase self-awareness, evoke insight, challenge assumptions and deepen our capacity for empathy.

How can coaching help leaders improve

  • Modifying a strong personality to empower, not derail.

  • Adapting behaviors to fit different situations.

  • Becoming responsive versus reactive.

  • Seeing another’s point of view - increase the capacity for empathy.

  • Supporting first-time leaders in learning how to lead and finding their voice.

  • Evolving from individual contributor to leader.

  • Improving self-awareness and self-management skills.

SEi is the magic that helps our personal relationships and interactions with others have elegance and flow. Expanding this aspect of ourselves is an impactful way to improve the depth of our internal conversation and directly impact every interaction we have with others.