I take a whole-person approach helping leaders become the best versions of themselves.

Leslie helped me identify areas in my life where small changes in daily behavior would make significant improvement in becoming more organized, more efficient and less stressed…after each session, I became increasingly motivated to apply these small changes, and make them habits going forward.
— Business Unit Leader, Multi-billion dollar specialty retailer

I believe in the transformative power of coaching to impact not only the individuals I work with, but everyone they interact with, from employees to families. My approach is a hybrid, working at the intersection of executive coaching, practical application, and purpose awareness. I ask the tough questions that both challenge and enrich a soul in an everyday life.

In short, I believe we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. And while we’re having this human incarnation, some things beg to be accomplished! I help leaders live from purpose while meeting their organizational & life commitments. I have developed an innate ability to engage, motivate, and empower individuals, enabling them to align to their values, uncover their authentic self and reach towards their highest potential.

Leslie was a tremendous guide who helped me explore my own potential as an executive and leader. Her ability to hone in on the obstacles I was creating for myself allowed me to take comprehensive stock of my capabilities and gave me the tools I needed to evolve and grow my skill set.
— Vice-President, Economic Development industry

Throughout my career, I have been seen as an innovator and driver of positive organizational change through coaching, leadership development and team building. Whether working with a leader or team, I quickly get to the heart of the issue that is holding them back. From there, we work together to build trust and transparent relationships – this may include right processes, overcoming barriers to communication, or how to give feedback so it’s received. 

Ultimately, it’s about creating an environment where people thrive. 

And when people thrive the organization can, too.

In my more than 1500 hours of hands-on coaching experience, I have learned to quickly build rapport and trust across all levels of the organization. My clients come to see me as a valued, strategic adviser to the executive team.

As an executive, I believe my job is to provide leadership, direction, and guidance to the employee’s I serve…I began researching consultants, found Leslie, and realized that I needed to hire her to coach me through the thought process of direction and guidance…she really helps people understand their whole self and how they relate to the market in business and on a personal basis, as well.
— CEO, Multi-billion dollar national cargo and freight organization

Master of Science in Organizational Development, Psychology

Harrison Assessments Certified

Social & Emotional Intelligence Assessment Certified (ISEI)

Avila University Certified International Coach Federation Program

The Hudson Model & Co-Active Coaching Model